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Theme Park Families

Jan 17, 2019

After our Holiday Break, we are back with a long promised TPF Quest where our listeners give their controversial takes involving the theme park industry.

First, we welcome the two new theme park babies, Mike from Coasterradio had a daughter, and Drew from In the Loop had a baby Hollenblitz!

We take a look at a few more iTunes reviews that we were happy to read! Thanks all.

Andrew and I discuss the future of the show and different things we want to try.


Andrew's News looks at Six Flags surveys, Tayto Park's big addition, and American Dream becoming a reality with more coasters than expected.

We read everyone's controversial blazing hot takes in the theme park industry- some very cool ideas!

Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman from ESPN actually recorded their show "First Take" with a theme park addition! Crazy stuff!

Our Ride of the Day looks at the traditional swings and our Tip of the Day involves a physical activity from the holiday season at the parks.