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Theme Park Families

Aug 18, 2018

We take a break from our traditional format to bring you stories from mostly people who had been to Silver Dollar City for the first time for the Coasterradio meetup.

We talk to many wonderful and famous people like:

Reece from In the Loop and the ICEE 4!

Brian (Executive Producer for Coasterradio and podcaster from Civil Gore) and his wife Julie.

Mike Collins and his brother, former Coasterradio host, Greg K!

Slater and Muscle Daddy, Jordan Driver from the Ride this One Podcast

Kevin Wilson, one of the "Notorious Wilson Brothers" from Coasterradio and Civil Gore.

We end with Goliath from Ride this One as we "Time Travel!"

We also discuss Bigfoot on the Strip, Time Traveler, and ANDREW'S 200th coaster!