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Theme Park Families

Dec 17, 2017

We briefly discuss our trip to Great Adventure with Clint and Co. which ended up being an episode on the In the Loop Podcast.

We play a lovely call from the lovely Mrs. Schultz, a listener from Minnesota (hope she's staying warm!)

In this installment of Andrew's News, we cover:

 1. A possible re-theming of a ride at...

Nov 17, 2017

We received a great call from a dad/daughter combo with her first 54" coaster and what a ride it was (Andrew's jealous)!

Exciting installment of Andrew's News with a big announcements from Central Park Funland, Darien Lake, and American Dreams, and a scary rumor from BGW's Curse of DarKastle.

The family takes its first...

Oct 22, 2017

1. After a long hiatus, Andrew and Adam are back for their first installment of their Park of the Month at their "home park" where they discuss the park's history, location, parking, food, employees, rides, and coasters.

2. Two young coaster enthusiasts discuss their trip to Kings Island with a great amount of...

Jul 27, 2017

After a long break from traveling, Andrew and Adam return with lots to discuss!

-Andrew's news including Great Escape problems and the return of the alpine slide.

-We discuss our first trip to Michigan's Adventure with Eb and kids.

-EB and children provide us some observations and tips including EB's Three Keys!


Jun 25, 2017

- We start with Andrew's News

- We report on Coaster Radio's meetup at Carowinds

- We chill with members of the  In the Loop crew at Kings Dominion

- Andrew has an important experience at Dorney Park

- Why is Sting on our podcast?

- Unique Ride of the Day for this week

- Tip of the Day to help the timid

- Goodbye and...